Build plans CHEETAH BUGGY 1.5 inch tube 6 inch CLR

Build plans CHEETAH BUGGY 1.5 inch tubing


Build plans CHEETAH BUGGY 1.5 inch tube 6 inch CLR



This set of plans is made for 1½ (38mm) outside diametre tubing. Please make sure you will use this tube dimensions, if you dont do this, the template system to cut the notches will not work. The plans were designed for use with 6″CLR tubing bender die (you coud also use 5″ but it will not fit as good). All dimensions are in metric. It is advised to use DOM tubing, with a minimal wall thickness of 2mm (0.083 inch). You will need approximately 50 metres of tubing.  You will need atleast: welder,tube bender, angle grinder, drill press, paper printer, There is no need for a tube notcher.

The sheet metal parts can be made by hand using the one to one paper printouts. You can also buy the cutting files (DXF format) off the website and cut them using a cnc plasma cutter. Advised sheet metal thickness is 4mm.

Plans consist of 165 pages, seperated into 3 main parts, wich are then again devided in a total of 23 chapters.

  • part one: buggy frame/rollcage. (13 Chapters, page 10 to 108)
  • part two: A-arms and suspension. (3 Chapters, page 109 to 130)
  • part three: mounting A-arms and hubs (7 Chapters, page 131 to 165)

Every chapter contains:

  • Assembly guide showing how to assemble all tube(s) in the chapter.
  • how to build wooden frame assembly jigs.
  • Pages showing how to build every tube in the chapter.
  • 1 to 1 templates to cut the notches/sheet metal parts.

The plans will only get you as far as a frame with suspension. You will have to mount the engine and install the rest without the plans, using the video series as a guide. For more info go to the cheetah buggy section and read the Cheetah buggy reader.

The plans only contain PDF files, I will not send out any 3D models.



HOMEMADE MADNESS is the sole creator and owner of these cheetah buggy plans. The homemade-madness website is the only source for these plans. Homemade madness does
not authorize these plans to be resold or redistributed in any form or modification hereafter. These PDF documents are copyrighted. HOMEMADE MADNESS does not
authorize resale, or redistribution in ANY form. Plans user (you) releases, discharges, and relinquishes all liability from HOMEMADE MADNESS when downloading plans, building, and driving or allows others to drive the CHEETAH BUGGY. HOMEMADE MADNESS retains indemnity, is saved, protected and held harmless from all forms of liability from the use of these plans. Plans user (you) assume all responsibility and liability from the moment you purchase, view, share and/or use the plans.

This buggy is meant for recreational use only, and should never be used on public roads, or in motorsport racing. The Rollcage does NOT meet FIA, NHRA or any kind of motorsport other regulation. And should therefore only be used on private property.



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