Madski plans Outboard engine version

Welcome to the Homemade Madness Outboard engine Madski plans. These plans will
show you how to build your own jetski. The Madski will be built from
wood and then covered in fibreglass, as seen in the youtube video’s.

The downloadable plans consist of two PDF files, one is the guide wich will show you how to put everything togehter. Total of 34 pages with general build information and detailed drawings.

The other is the cutting file, wich you should have printed in A0+++ (2500*914)mm by a local printing/plotting company. You can then glue these prints to a regular 4x8Feet (122x244cm) piece of plywood. Framing plywood thickness is 18mm, sheeting of the hull is 9mm and sheeting of the top is 5mm. Its advised to use poplar plywood as its cheap and lightweight Total of 15 of these big pages.

You can also buy DXF files for all needed parts, so you can CNC cut the parts.

check the reader on the Madski web page for more information about this build.


Madski plans Outboard engine version



set of plans for the madski inboard version


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