The Blue Frog- Homemade AWD mini Buggy

My homemade AWD mini buggy, called the blue frog. This project started out by me dirtbiking, and realizing i wanted something with four wheels, but not too big. Inspired to some extent by Grind Hard Plumbing C.O. ‘s builds, i decided to make a mini buggy. To make just a bit more special, it would have to be 4wheel drive.

After the frame was done, the engine was mounted, 250cc quadbike engine. With dual a arm suspension in the front, and a 4-link setup in the rear.  The wheels are driven with a pretty complicated chain system, with a homemade differential

After being done with the engineering, frame building started, with the main goal of just having the coolest possible looking frame. All notches were made using paper templates. Here you can see it halfway done. 

Some paint later… Starting to look pretty awesome!